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Over the years, we have created a niche for ourselves in making 'Solitaires'. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing factory, situated in Surat, matches with the best international standards in quality, ethics, health, safety and environment. We have a very stringent quality control system at each stage of the manufacturing process which ensures that every diamond passing through it is perfect. Be it selection of rough diamond onto the planning stage and up till final polishing. It is our continuous effort to provide every customer "a well-made" stone and to continuously improve upon our own standards.

We are eminently renowned the world over, for our high standards of cut, polish and symmetry in producing high end premium solitaires ranging in size from 30 cents to 5 carats and above. An eclectic array of shapes consisting of Round Brilliants, marquise, oval, pear, emerald, princess, radiant, heart, emerald, sq. emerald, radiant, sq. radiant, baguettes and others available in D to K colors and IF to I2 purities, is our forte.

“Our motto is to provide our customers with best product along with best quality, while at the same time also develop systems using latest technologies available, to aide them as best as possible in not only buying exactly what they desire, but taking well informed buying decisions at the same time also.”

With this thought being percolated down to the last employee, we have over the years, built up features that have exceeded expectations of our customers. Some of the major advantages that we offer are:

Consistent Quality:

With a view to keeping a close watch on product quality and maintaining consistency of the same, we manufacture all our diamonds entirely at the manufacturing facility in Surat in our own factory

Additionally, the unique ‘Multiple Stage Checking System’ ensures that each diamond is checked multiple times before being sold.

Market led Manufacturing:

Our unique Market Led Flexible Manufacturing System enables us to be in close touch with the latest trends and demand patterns prevailing in the market.

As a result, any fluctuation in demand is immediately factored into the production system and the product mix changes accordingly. This not only allows us to efficiently manage inventory, but also makes available products as per market trends ultimately enabling our customers to minimize their inventories as well.

Piece per Packet policy of international standards :

Our ‘Single Piece per Packet’ concept is a unique method of maintaining each diamond in its own self-descriptive individual packet, with all the grading details provided by the Star Solitaire Grading System. , printed on it.

This unique concept not only enhances our efficiency but also reduces customers’ hassles of sorting through multiple parcels containing multiple diamonds to select desired stones. Customers can select stones simply by reading the accurate description of each diamond on its packet.

Online Stock:

Another unique advantage is our Online Stock viewing facility, allowing customers to view and order goods from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Other online features are explained in detail under the ‘Online Benefits’ link on the homepage

Round the Clock Service:

Time zone differences have never stopped us from serving our customers. Orders with relevant specifications can be sent in through e-mail and are expedited immediately on the following working day. This allows customers to minimize or even totally eliminate traveling as well as the tedious formalities of the goods selection process.

Rational Pricing:

1. Extensively detailed grading allows reality based, fixed and logical price derivation of each individual diamond
2. On account of our unique business policies, methodologies and systems, frequently occurring fluctuations or changes in rough prices do not directly influence our pricing.
3. Apart from this stability, justifiably explaining price differences of similar diamonds to your customers further is ensured.
4. Even if some retailers have limited knowledge about diamonds, they can buy our goods with complete confidence because we state all the parameters of the diamond and provide detailed information of each and every diamond.

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